British anti-gay campaigner Andrea Williams to speak in Perth

Andrea Minichiello Williams, one of the United Kingdom’s most outspoken anti-LGBT campaigners is coming to Perth to deliver a talk as a guest of Family Voice Australia.

Williams will deliver a talk ‘Not Ashamed, Growing Confidence in Jesus’ Loving Truth‘ in Perth on Tuesday 18 July.

Last year in the United Kingdom Williams spoke out against gay men being able to access PrEP treatment arguing that it was more important to focus on “proper relationships”.

“Of course, it is important that we protect people and seek cures from disease,” Williams said.

“However the real challenge here is the underlying behaviour and lifestyle which is risky and damaging to good health and proper relationships.”

In 2015, Williams’ group Christian Concern published an article suggesting that marriage equality was a greater threat than terrorism.

A guest article by ‘cultural apologist and church leader’ Joe de Boot, argued that the USA’s decision to allow marriage equality was a more destructive act that a terrorist’s bomb.

“Given the events of recent days, with Boko Haram slitting the throats of Christians in Nigeria, Islamic jihadists murdering dozens of Britons as they sat with their children by the sea in Tunisia, and as the Humpty Dumpty logic of the US Supreme Court led to a decision legalising same-sex ‘marriage’ in America – an act far more destructive of truth and liberty than a terrorist bomb” De Boot wrote on the Christian Concern website in 2015.

Williams has also voiced her opposition to programs in schools that aim to stop homophobic bullying. The Christian leader said campaigns which aim to reduce bullying of gay students were really about normalising homosexual behaviour.

“Highlighting a special category of ‘homophobic’ bullying creates a trojan horse for promoting the normalisation of sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman.” Williams said in 2014.

Back in 2013 Williams claimed her group Christian Concern had a larger membership than Britian’s governing Conservative Party.

Its not Williams’ first speaking tour of Australia, she previously visited Australia outlining her concerns about Islam and multi-culturalism. In 2013 she spoke at events for Rise Up Australia, the political arm of Catch the Fire Ministries.

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