British teenager Daniel Harris jailed over videos linked to US shootings

Daniel Harris

A British teenager who posted far-right videos that influenced a gunman behind a US shooting has been jailed for 11-and-a-half-years. Nineteen-year-old Daniel Harris uploaded racist videos which called for “the total extermination of subhumans” a Manchester court heard.

The court heard the teenager’s videos encouraged the killing of people who were not part of the “White European race”.

His videos were shared online by Payton Gendrom, who went on to kill 10 people in a mass shooting in Buffalo New York.

At Harris’s sentencing, the court also heard that his videos may have also influenced Club Q shooter Anderson Aldrich. Aldrich shot and killed 5 people at a gay bar in Colorado in December. Aldrich is yet to enter a plea over his alleged crimes.

Harris made videos about the 2019 Christchurch Mosque shootings, the killer of British MP Jo Cox and other far-right figures. He uploaded a series of videos to the internet between February 2021 and March 2022.

Arrested last year, Harris stood trial in December and was convicted of five counts of encouraging terrorism and one count of possession of material for terrorist purposes.  Details of how his videos continued to influence mass killers in the USA were revealed at his sentencing which occurred this week.

Judge Patrick Field KC said Harris “created a series of videos” where he “glorified mass murderers” and “encouraged other people to emulate them” having “provided specific instructions”.

“In these videos you expressed and repeated vile antisemitic, racist, misogynistic and homophobic views,” he said.

“You intended to encourage terrorism, and it’s plain that what was being encouraged was lethal, racist and anti-Semitic violence, as well as violence against the gay community.”

The judge said he considered Daniel Harris to be a highly dangerous person, noting that he has also been caught trying to create a firearm from a 3D printer.

“That you failed in this task was a matter of good fortune,” he said.

Harris will spend 11 and half years in prison, and after he is released by required to complete an additional three years on license.

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