Broome woman Tamara Lorimer charged over partner’s death

A Broome woman has been charged with manslaughter over her partner’s death. Tamara Lorimer appeared in Broome Magistrate’s Court this afternoon charged with manslaughter, in relation to the death of her partner Doreen-Joan Lindsay.

It was alleged that after an afternoon of heavy drinking Lorimer got in her car and accidentally reversed over Lindsay. The court heard that Lorimer was planning to drive to the local shops, but had left Lindsay behind, as she was visibly intoxicated. When she revered down the driveway Lindsay walked behind the vehicle which stuck her. Lorimer allegedly failed to notice she’d hit her partner, and Lindsay’s body was dragged underneath the car causing significant injuries.

An ambulance and police attended the scene. Lorimer underwent a blood alcohol test which showed she had a reading of 0.215 per cent, four times the legal limit.

The West Australian has reported on Lorimer’s court appearance saying she was visibly upset during the proceedings. Magistrate Stephen Sharratt said it was a “unique manslaughter” case as there was no physical act of violence in the lead up to the offence.

Lorimer had previously appeared in court in September charged with driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Her license had been suspended for 42 months.

Bail was granted and Lorimer is required to appear in Stirling Magistrates Court on 19th January next year.

OIP Staff

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