Bucks Fizz are back, but does anyone remember them?

Do you remember Bucks Fizz? The British band have announced they’re reforming and releasing new music.

It’ll be the band’s first new music in 30 years, and the line-up features three of the original foursome.

The band have one slight challenge though, because former member Bobby G, who hasn’t joined the reunion, owns the rights to the name, they’re going to have to call themselves something else.

Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan are joined by new member Bobby McVay, and from this point on, the buck stops here and they’ll be known as The Fizz.

Bobby G still tours under the Buck’s Fizz name with three new members.

This morning The Fizz released their first new music in decades with Dancing in the Rain. The track is produced by Mike Stock, who was part of the hit making team of Stock, Aitken, Waterman.

The Fizz will have an album The F-Z Of Pop out in September. It’ll contains three ‘re-imagined’ former hits of the band, and they plan to head out on a world tour.

Bucks Fizz achieved international fame when they won Eurovision for Britain in 1981 with their tune Making Your Mind Up. Their performance included a memorable gimmick where the two boys ripped off the female singer’s skirts, to reveal shorter skirts.

The costumes, those haircuts, the choreography! They appeared on British game show Pointless in 2016 and they were still ripping the girl’s skirts off. You’d think by 2017 we’d be beyond such things.

They went on to have more hits with The Camera Never Lies and the charming Land of Make Believe, which featured more great costumes, choreography and haircuts. It was a number one hit in 1982.

In 1984 the band had more success in the UK with the song Talking in Your Sleep. The song had been a big hit around the world for The Romantics, but had failed to chart in the UK.  

Jay Ashton quit the group in 1985 and the band held an open casting call and found new singer Shelley Preston. The band recorded one last album in 1986.

One song the band recorded for one of their albums was What’s Love Got to do With It. 

The track, written by Graham Lyle and Terry Britten, had originally been offered to Cliff Richard, but he turned it down.

The song then sat with disco queen Donna Summer for man years but she never recorded it. Bucks Fizz picked up the song, but before they could release their recording Tina Turner put out a version, scoring a massive comeback hit.

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