Call for Australia’s Catholic bishops to show support for LGBTIQ people

National LGBTIQ advocacy organisation, just.equal, has called on Australia’s Catholic bishops to repudiate LGBTIQ conversion practices and embrace discrimination protections for LGBTIQ people.

The call comes in the wake of Pope Francis declaring his support for same-sex civil unions and LGBTIQ inclusion.

Just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome said now is a time for Australia’s Catholic leaders to change their stance and address statements they have made in the past.

“The clear message from the Vatican is that LGBTIQ people should be treated with equal respect and have legal protections.”

“Now it’s the turn of Australia’s Catholic bishops to repudiate damaging prejudices that say LGBTIQ people are broken and our human rights pose a threat.” Croome said.

“We call on the bishops to speak out against LGBTIQ conversion practices and support legal protections against anti-LGBTIQ discrimination.”

“A great start would be for the bishops to repudiate statements in their infamous ‘Don’t Mess With Marriage‘ booklet suggesting same-sex partners are not whole people and mess with kids.”

In 2015 as Australia debated changing the marriage laws the Catholic church issued a handbook which argued against allowing same-sex couples to wed. The handbook argued that same sex attracted people and their children could not be seen as “whole people”. A discrimination complaint was filed against Tasmanian Archbishop Julian Porteous but it was withdrawn before being heard.

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