Candidate for Ballarat council pledges not to fund LGBTI events

A candidate running in the upcoming Ballarat local government elections has pledged not to fund LGBTI or multicultural events because they are not of benefit to the whole community.

Susan Jakobi is running as an independent, but she has a long association with the Australia First party and has stood for office on multiple occasions without success.

In a long manifesto on what her goals are if elected to the Ballarat City Council she lists cutting funding to LGBTI related events.

“Freeze all funding to any event which does not promote the best general interest of the whole people of Ballarat (such as LGBTQI events and multicultural programs),” Jakobi says in her election pitch.

The aspiring councilor is also opposed to overseas students and collaboration with any organisation that compromises “cultural identity”.

“Refuse to work in partnership with any organisation that compromises our prosperity, heritage and cultural identity such as overseas student programs that deprive Aussie youth of education, employment and affordable housing.”

Jacobi also outlines some cost saving measures for the council including reducing the amount councilors are paid, and removing the Chief Executive Officer.

OUTinPerth has contacted Jakobi and asked for clarification around her proposed policies.

Other candidates in the election have voiced their alarm at her policy platform. Des Hudson, a current Ballarat councilor told the Star Observer that Ballarat was a place that welcomed diversity.

“The contents concern me greatly as in Ballarat we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive city for everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, demographic background etc,” Hudson told Star Observer. “They are certainly not views that I share.  Ultimately the voters of the South Ward will make the ultimate determination of their relevance.”

Victorian Pride Lobby Co-Convenor, Nevena Spirovska in a statement pointed out that the calls to a ban to funding for LGBTQI events would have a “detrimental effect” on local events like the Ballarat Frolic Festival.

“Ballarat has the fifth highest percentage of LGBTQI people of any local government area in Victoria. Yet this candidate wants to ban events funding going to LGBTQI events. A ban on events funding for groups, like the Ballarat Frolic Festival, would breach the Equal Opportunity Act. What this candidate is proposing is basically illegal. All of this candidate’s statements are disturbing and appalling. This Australia First candidate will put Ballarat last,” Spirovska told the Star Observer.

Jakobi was previously embroiled in controversy over a series of racist statements that were sent out by her campaign during the Victoria state election in 2016.

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