You can’t ask transgender people that!

You Cant Ask That-001

Tonight the popular ABC program You Can’t Ask That! tackles all the questions put to transgender people.

The program puts people from a minority group in front of a camera and they answer questions about their lives in an effort to foster understanding and break down barriers.

Over the last few weeks the show has focused in on polyamorous couples, sex workers, short people, the disabled and indigenous Australians. Next week the final episode of the show’s first season will put questions to people who are terminally ill.

Tonight six transgender people share their fears about encountering violence, accepting their gender, employment challenges and a whole heap of issues that come up. Among the participants is Kelly Star, a member of Perth’s queer community.

The frank and honest answers cover topics like sexuality, surgery options and discrimination.

The program has been so popular the ABC has fast tracked a second series. Questions can be submitted anonymously through the shows website.

The second series will ask questions of people with Down’s syndrome, children of same sex parents, people over 100 year old, problem gamblers, Chinese people and a host of other groups.

Catch the latest episode of the show on the ABC tonight at 9:20pm or catch it on the ABC’s iView platform.


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