Citipointe Christian College principal Brian Mulheran resigns

Pastor Brian Mulheran, the principal of Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College, has resigned from his role following the controversy over the school’s contract for students, families and teachers that equated homosexuality and bisexuality to incest and pedophilia.

In a note to families who have children enrolled at the school Citipointe Church’s Mark Ramsey said Pastor Mulheran had resigned and was moving on from his role.

Mulheran stepped down from his role in February after the school became the spotlight of the debate around the government’s proposed Religious Discrimination laws.

His decision to take extended leave came after the college’s decision to ask families to sign a contact that denounced homosexuality and bisexuality as destructive forces listed alongside incest and pedophilia. The school faced complaints from parents to Queensland’s Human Rights Commission, the possibility of losing over $14million of annual funding, criticism from the Prime Minister, and protests at it’s gates.

It was also revealed by The Guardian that Mulheran had a history of campaigning against LGBTIQA+ rights. The school’s principal does not hold any teaching qualifications as they were not required for his role. Mulheran does hold degrees in both science and theology.

In 1996 Pastor Mulheran appeared before a parliamentary inquiry on sexuality discrimination. In his testimony he declared that homosexuality was an “immoral act” and argued that all business owners should have the right to discriminate against gay people when hiring staff.

Following the condemnation of the school’s contract for students and parents, it was revealed that Citipointe was still requiring staff to sign a contact that asked them to avoid homosexuality and sex outside marriage.

Parents were informed that Ruth Gravestein has agreed to stay on as acting principal until the end of the 2022 school year.

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