Clash of the Senators: Heffernan Vs Leyonhjelm

Bill Heffernan David Leyonhjelm

Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm’s same sex marriage bill has been causing a stir  in the senate.

Leyonhjelm has threatened not to vote in favour of the government’s bills until the Coalition party room allows a conscience vote on same sex marriage.

Apparently displeased with the Liberal Democrats Senator’s actions, Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan decided on Tuesday night to take matters into his own hands.

Heffernan entered the Senate chamber and sat in Leyonhjelm’s seat, The Daily Telegraph reported. He then proceeded to call Senator Leyonhjelm’s office to discuss the gay marriage bill, allegedly demanding that the Senator drop his threat to create an impasse over the issue.

Leyonhjelm then appeared in the chamber, which is reportedly when Heffernan called him a “terrorist”. Leyonhjelm then repeatedly told Heffernan to “F*** off”. He told the Daily Telegraph:

“Yes, that’s true.

“I told him to f*** off”.

“He didn’t listen to me the first time, so I told him again” he said.

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