We Are All Clean: The Latest Internet Craze (NSFWish)

five-horz-vertForget pouring buckets of cold water over yourself, the latest internet craze is taking a ‘selfie’ in the shower.

The internet movement hopes to raise awareness about stigma relating to HIV and encourage people not to describe themselves as ‘clean’ when they are HIV negative.

The movement highlights that describing your HIV negative status as ‘clean’, suggests that people who are HIV positive are somehow ‘dirty’.

Utilising the hashtag ‘We Are All Clean’ the global phenomenon has lead to thousands of people uploading pohtos of themselves in the bath or shower.

The movement was started by Jack Mackenroth who works for non-profit organisation Housing Works in which aims to fight HIV/AIDS related homelessness New York. The idea behind the moment is that alongside uploading your photos, you also make a donation to a suitable charity.


Have you taken a photo for the ‘We Are All Clean’ campaign?


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