Cory Bernardi restates his belief marriage equality encourages bestiality

Senator Cory Bernardi has restated his belief that allowing same-sex couple to wed will lead to advocacy for bestiality.

Appearing on the Sky News program Outsiders on Sunday Bernardi shared his thoughts and later posted them to the Facebook page of his Australian Conservatives party.

Host Rowan Dean said Bernardi had always bravely ventured into moral and ethical debates where others feared to tread. Dean highlighted that in 2012 the senator had been criticised for suggesting that allowing same-sex marriages would lead to calls for pedophilia to be legalised. The TV host said that this was now occurring in the USA.

Bernardi said he had warned people of the potential outcomes, and he still held his beliefs.

“I did say in the Senate that you would have other calls to redefine marriage using the same arguments.” Bernardi said.

The South Australian senator said there was a push for multi-member marriages and cited philosopher Peter Singer as someone who was advocating for bestiality.

The senator said that in the United Kingdom in the 1970’s there had been a push by British politicians to reduce the age of consent and that he believed history was repeating and the same thing was now happening in Australia.

Bernardi said there were elements of Australian society trying to normalise polygamy.

“There are elements of a community that is saying, ‘You can’t help who you love. I love two people. I want to live with both of them, we want to be able to get married, it’s discriminatory for us not to be married. We all want to be co-parenting together.’

“It’s hard to argue against it when you’ve redefined marriage to be something that it never was in the first place.” Bernardi said.

Watch the clip below.