Cory Bernardi’s attack on ‘wear a dress’ charity backfires spectacularly

Senator Cory Bernardi, leader of the Australian Conservatives, had a go at a primary school who were taking part in a charity fundraising exercise which involves guys wearing a dress to raise money to help disadvantaged students around the world.

Craigburn Primary School in Flagstaff Hill, South Australia was taking part in the ‘Do it a Dress‘ campaign.

The program encourages people to wear a dress, or casual clothes for a day, and make a donation that goes towards helping improve girls education in third-world countries.

The charity highlights that often girls miss out on an education, in fact 60 million girls around the globe are disadvantaged. In countries like Sierra Leone, a girl is more likely to be a child bride than attend High School.

Senator Bernardi, who has often voiced his opposition to LGBTI rights, was not impressed that some students at the school would be wearing dresses.

“One school in SA now has ‘wear a dress day’. This gender morphing is really getting absurd.” Senator Bernardi posted to Twitter.

Senator Bernardi told local newspaper The Advertiser that it was wrong for the school to be running the charity fundraiser, especially during the current debate over marriage equality.

“In the midst of a debate about the safe school gender ideology program, the redefinition of marriage and attempts to de-genderise society it seems this school is playing into a political cause rather than an educational one,” he said.

South Australia’s Education Minister Susan Close defended the school’s efforts, saying the student-led fundraiser had nothing to do with the marriage equality debate. The Education Minister said Senator Bernardi’s comments were ridiculous and incorrect.

“Craigburn Primary School is raising money to help girls in Africa have access to education,” Ms Close said.

“The funds will go towards books and other resources.

“This is a student-led initiative and is completely unrelated to the current marriage equality debate.

“Senator Bernardi should check his facts before incorrectly naming and shaming a school undertaking charity work.”

The senators comments caught the attention of comedian Josh Thomas. The Please Like Me star said the Senator was bulling primary school children.

“These kids are being bullied by Cory for trying to help underprivileged girls.

“Presumably Cory had basic comprehension skills. He read this and purposefully misrepresented the intent. Again: these are kids doing charity

“They’ve even made space for boys that don’t feel comfortable wearing dresses.

“These kids were being sweet, compassionate and kind. Their cause is worthy. I’m going to donate $1000 to support them.” Thomas posted in a series of tweets.

The kids from Craigburn Primary were hoping to raise $900 for the worth cause. As of this morning, they’ve raised over $26,000.

Update: 21-09-17  As of 9pm the campaign has raised over $134,000 22-09-17 The campaign has broken the $200,000 mark.  

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