Craig Hill shows some Selfie Control

craig hill 2015_128_photo by steve ullathorne

Craig Hill’s new show is called ‘Playing with my Selfie’. The Scottish comedian said the names for his shows come from fleeting moments in conversations when suddenly a phrase jumps out that works as a pun or double entendre.

Last year when the comedian discovered that my partner and I were about to head off to his hometown of Edinburgh, he shared some great tips for local restaurants. I tell him we had a great meal at the ‘Scram and Scallie’.

“That’s such a good place, I’m glad you like it, I aim to please.” Hill said before declaring, “There’s one now ‘I Aim to Please’ that could be my tour next year.

“I like things that are provocative and a little cheeky. You’ve got to let people know what they’re coming to”, the comedian pauses before adding “that could work as a title too – People need to know what they’re coming to”.

Hill laughed and said he doesn’t need an audience to have a good time, the simplest things in life can send him into a comedic spin.

“I’m heading off on holiday today and I’ve spent all morning looking for my ‘Meghan Trainers’ Hill said, “I call my trainer’s Meghan cause I’m all about the bass!”

After his holiday Craig Hill will be part of the line up at the Perth Comedy Festival from April 28-30. Head to for tickets.

Graeme Watson

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