Review|Craig Hill (Scot): Jock’s Trap

 photo 3Rolling in from Scotland comes the bumping and grinding Craig Hill, with him he brings a kilt-full of camp and buckets of mockery surrounding different areas of the UK and Australia.

Kick-starting the show ‘Craig Hill (Scot): Jock’s Trap‘ with a dance routine that gets the crowd amped, Hill demonstrates a surprising talent in shaking his hips and belting out a tune. You quickly fall in love with Hill’s quintessential gay humour, which drags the straightest looking men in the crowd into uncomfortable conversations that they’d much rather avoid.

Hill’s audience interaction is one of the winning elements of his stand up, a question posed to the audience about the roughest part of Perth provokes the response ‘Rockingham!’ which Hill interprets as ‘Crocodile’, the next five minutes involves hilarious interpretations as to what someone from ‘Crocodile’ would sound like.

Despite the fact that Hill has a talent in engaging an audience, a lot of Hill’s jokes were in reference to different areas of the UK, which were lost on much of the Australian audience. Different accents from all over the Motherland would have sounded much the same to the Aussie audience, impressions from different regions made no sense unless you’d experienced them for yourself.

The stand-up was altered to include the mockery of different Australian stereotypes; unfortunately these lost their comedic edge with a shaky accent.

It is undisputable that Hill put 110% into the show, even running down to the exit to individually shake the hand of each audience member. A nice touch.

All up Mr Hill and his comedy were a pleasant and worthwhile way to spend an evening, and stands as a valid contribution to the Perth Comedy Festival.

Nadine Walker

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