Curate brings creative workshops to Town of Victoria Park

Curate is presenting a range of creative programs in the Town of Victoria Park this school holiday season.

The not-for-profit collective of local artists, musicians, designers and all-round amazing creatives bringing passion projects to life.

Curate began its relationship with the Town of Victoria Park in 2021, with its Surround Sound concerts for the Vic Park Arts Season, and later partnered with the Town on the sell-out show, Shadow Puppet Opera, for the 2022 Arts Season.

The Curate team to bring its two-time award-winning workshops back to Vic Park this July school holidays. The workshop program includes two new versions of Curate’s Recycle Instrument Project:

Moving Music: A Nostalgic Recycle Instrument Project Workshop, in which Curate brings forgotten and discarded sheet music that was headed towards landfill to be reimagined for a new lease on life – from paper pinwheels to paper aeroplanes and more, the only limit to what you can create is your imagination (and, even then, Google can help!), and Framed Art: A New Recycled Instrument Project Workshop, in which participants each create a scene or picture using discarded sheet music and acrylic paints in a floating frame (and we’re bringing stencils, just in case you need a bit of inspiration or help with drawing!).

Curate founder Patricia Alessi will be joined by Djinda Boodja artist Vicki Warn (artist nom de plume Tabatha Davison) for these workshops, which will be available from 10am to 3pm on Thursday, 7 July, held at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts at 12 Kent Street, East Victoria Park.

Thanks to support from the Town of Victoria Park these workshops are free to attend; though registration is essential.

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