Cynthia Nixon shares that she has a transgender son

Actor turned politician Cynthia Nixon has shared that one of her children is transgender.

Nixon posted a photo to her Instagram account with her son Samuel Jospeh Mozes, who goes by the name Seph. Mozes was assigned female at birth, but now identifies as male.

The news was shared on Transgender Day of Action, which is part of the US Pride month. Nixon had two children with former partner Danny Mozes, Seph and younger brother who is 15. Nixon also has a 7 year-old son with long-term partner Christine Marinoni.  The photo showed Seph at his college graduation earlier this month.

Nixon is currently running to become the next Governor of New York, arguing that she is better option than current Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo.

The 52-year-old aspiring politician failed in her bid to be added to the Democratic ballot last month and now needs to secure 15,000 signatures on a petition to be allowed to make a challenge at the primary in September, ahead of an election in November.

OIP Staff

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