Daisy Cousens says Yes campaign will claim assault on Abbott is acceptable

Political commentator Daisy Cousens says the YES campaign for marriage equality has turned into a campaign for retribution.

Appearing on The Bolt Report on Sky News, Cousens said it beggared belief that the marriage debate had resulted in violence incidents.

Discussing the alleged assault of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the journalist said people supporting marriage equality would attempt to condone the attack.

“The argument that the yes campaign will put forward, to somewhat condone this, is that as LGBT people they’ve suffered all manner of violence and bullying growing up etc, etc – so this is an okay thing.”

“Here’s the problem with that argument, aside from the fact that it’s rubbish, if you are claiming to be on the side of peace and love and tolerance, then why on earth would you turn that into a campaign of retribution, which is what I think has come to.” Cousens said.

“If you claim to be about peace, love and tolerance, turn the other cheek as Jesus said. I don’t know why you would dissolve to that level when that’s clearly what you want to stand against.

“I’m flabbergasted, I’m trying to process this, and I’m disgusted.” Cousens said.

The journalist, who describes herself as an occasional provocateur. flamethrower and feminist apostate, writes for publications including Quadrant and The Spectator.

Prominent figures in the YES campaign have immediately condemned the incident.

Alex Greenwich, the co-chair of Australian Marriage Equality said there was never any place for violence or abuse and condemned the attack.

“Marriage equality is about respect and dignity for every Australian. There is no room for any disrespect either physical or verbal in this national debate.” Greenwich said.

The Greens’ Senator Sarah Hanson-Young  posted “Marriage equality is about love, respect and dignity. Violence has no place in the debate.”

While Western Australian MP Stephen Dawson tweeted, “Violence is never OK! Let’s win the argument fairly.”

Sally Rugg from Get Up! described any violence in the campaign as abhorent; “SSM is about love and dignity. All violence happening during this plebiscite is abhorrent, including alleged assault on Tony Abbott tonight.”

Tiernan Brady from the Equality Campaign tweeted, “Let’s be clear, #marriageequality is about respect. There is no room for disrespect verbal or physical from any side in this journey.”

Labor MP Penny Wong posted “Ours is a campaign of hope, respect and unity. Our actions should reflect that. Violence is never acceptable.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also condemned the incident, “This is terrible – violence like this is never acceptable. I’m glad Mr Abbott isn’t seriously injured and I’ve rung him to say so.”

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