Daley Rangi confronts masculinity, queerness & colonialism in ‘Takatāpui’

Takatāpui presents a new solo tour de force by unpredictable antidisciplinary artist Daley Rangi, premiering at The Blue Room Theatre’s 2022 Summer Nights Festival.

In a performance that promises to be macabre, sardonic, and candid, audiences are invited to challenge themselves; to listen and sit with the truth amidst an electrifying storm of story and sound.

Perched on a toilet, armed only with a microphone, Daley Rangi holds a solidary flame in a blistering call to action, delivering an unflinching account of the violence that haunts us, a battle for bodily integrity inspired by ancestry and fuelled by injustice.

Hailed as a vital work in the lingering, seemingly infinite, zeitgeist of patriarchal violence, this lyrical infusion of transformative storytelling is based on Rangi’s lived experience at the intersection.

The work traverses the outer edges of toxic masculinity, queerness, and trauma, unpacking some of the complex hierarchies of historically marginalised communities and posing difficult questions about identity in a colonised society, the painful disconnection from, not only culture and land, but body, mind, and soul.

From the simplest of microaggressions to overt brutality, the piece unearths the shadowy events of one fateful night out, an attempt to ‘just be yourself’ which ends in a cruel act of control, a journey of identity fraught with peril.

Takatāpui premieres at The Blue Room Theatre as part of the Summer Nights program from 4 – 12 February 2022. For more head to blueroom.org.au

Image: Andrea Lim

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