Daniel Monks Wins Young Filmmaker of the Year

Daniel Monks

Daniel Monks was awarded Young Filmmaker of the Year at the West Australian Screen Awards on Monday at the Heath Ledger Theatre.

Monks’ most recent work has been the feature film ‘Pulse’, about a young gay disabled boy who changes into the body of a beautiful woman. The film aimed to discuss desire and how we relate to our bodies and was shot in Perth in June.

In his speech, Monks thanked his filmmaking partner and “the platonic love of his life” Stevie-Cruz Martin and his mother Annie Murtagh-Monks, who he referred to as the two strong women in his life. He also thanked his mother for teaching him that it was possible to live a creative life.

Monks has been making films for over six years, and has had his work featured in the Mardi Gras film festival.

Image Below: Daniel Monks with his mother Annie Murtagh-Monks

Daniel Monks Annie Murtagh Monks


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