Dirty Emails with Christeene


Christeene is many things. A rapper. A drag performer. A dancer. A weaver of nightmares. One thing Christeene doesn’t have is shame. In fact, this musician and filthmonger has no boundaries of any kind, as evidenced in the raw sexuality of her videos and the daring carnality of her lyrics. We managed to catch Christeene ahead of her appearance at Connections for Fringe World. This interview contains coarse language.

What do audiences have in store for “CHRISTEENE: The Waste Up Kneez Down Under” Tour?

well…diz iz my furst time on da other side uh tha globe an im flyin solo without my dancer boyz on diz sheeet so u all can expect sum fucked up mess an hard hittin hell cat goodness.

You’ve been referred to as a ‘Drag Terrorist’, how do you blend drag and terrorism?

dats juz whut dat is…a referrence u know? so i aint specifically tryyyyin to blend none of that shit. derr ain’t no plannn to diz mess. i just close my fuckin eyes an let da bird in my throat talk an let da fire in my legs spread. peeps can call it any ol thang they want u know? im just gunna keep servin it up my special way.

Who would you say are your musical influences?

i mean i git good heat from Patti Smith an Iggy Pop ferr sure butt i also feel good stank from Catherine Deneuve an Nell Carter. iz cummin from all over da fuggin place u know? not just music is happenin here. Rick Owens influences me like no other an dat faggot cant even crack a tune haaaaay!

Your videos are very unique. What inspires your visual style?

my videos are made by PJ Raval. we sit an we talk. we imagine thangs we would like to see in a video. then we realize dat we cant afford any of dat fuckin shit so we make it ourself an it becomes our majiik, our wurld an our babybee land.

What are you hoping that people will take away from your performances?

i want peeple to find derr ponies. i want peeple to return tooo da secrets of da woods. i want people to get down an slide under dat radar. i want people to fuckin sweat an show dem teeth while they doin it.

You’ve been described as “a human pissoir of foul hilarity”. When do you think you were at your filthiest?

when i was sittin on a piece uh shit Ryanair aeroplane. i ain’t never felt more shitty an filthy than sittin on dat ass crack nasty fuckin airline. simply disgusssstin.

Christeene: The Waste Up Kneeze Down Under Tour is at Connections on February 11th, 13th and 14th at Connections Nightclub. Tickets available from www.fringeworld.com.au

Sophie Joske

Image: Austin Young

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