Discrimination protections and mental health on election agenda

Tasmanian LGBTIQ equality advocates say their focus during the federal election will be to protect the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act from being weakened by Canberra, as well as appropriate funding for LGBTIQ mental health services.

Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Rodney Croome (pictured), said while the Religious Discrimination Bill had been shelved, Tasmanians would be looking for guarantees that the state’s current discrimination laws would not be watered down.

“We will be seeking commitments from all candidates to vote against any federal intervention to weaken our gold-standard Anti-Discrimination Act as we saw with the current government’s Religious Discrimination Bill.”

“Unfortunately, both major parties at a national level supported a federal override of Tasmania’s discrimination laws, despite opposition from both major parties at a state level as well as community, union and business groups.”

“We are determined this will never happen again.” Croome said in a statement following the announcement of the federal election.

“Another high priority for us is funding for programs to reduce the higher rates of anxiety, depression, PTSD and attempted suicide experienced by the LGBTIQ+ community due to stigma and discrimination.”

Croome said Equality Tasmania will be conducting two election forums in Tasmania, one in the south of the state and one in the north.

Tasmania will certainly be one of the battle ground of the upcoming election. The seat of Bass, currently held by Liberal member Bridget Archer, is the most marginal seat in the country and few politicians have managed to hold the seat for consecutive terms.

Archer was outspoken in her opposition to the government’s Religious Discrimination Bill and crossed the floor and voted against its passage. The Australian Christian Lobby have announced that they will target Archer and other moderate Liberals who proposed amendments to the bill.

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