Disney warned against distributing gay animation ‘Out’ in Russia


Last year Disney delivered their first animated gay lead with the short film Out, but officials have warned the company against releasing the film in Russia saying it would contravene their laws on promoting homosexuality.

The new short animation tells the story of Greg, a young man who is afraid about coming out to his parents. Greg’s about to move in with his boyfriend Manuel, but when his parents unexpectedly stop by to help him pack things go a bit crazy. With the help of his dog, and some magic, Greg is able to work it all out.

The nine-minute short film was written and directed by Steven Clay Hunter and produced by Max Sachar.

Russian regulator Roskomnadzor has reportedly written to Disney and told them to resist releasing the film in Russia saying it would go against the Russian law which makes it illegal to distribute information which “denies family values and promotes non-traditional sexual relationships” to children.

The film is available to stream on Disney Plus in Australia. 

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