Dr Nas Mohamed launches fundraiser for LGBT rights in Qatar

Dr Nas Mohamed has launched a fundraising campaign to assist LGBT people in Qatar, alongside a new foundation to undertake research and advocacy, and provide support to the local community.

The rights advocate describes himself as the first Qatari citizen to publicly come out, and he recently spoke out against the protest staged by Peter Tatchell.

Dr Nas, who is based in San Francisco, said the “sports washing” occurring via FIFA Qatar World Cup had made it apparent that it was crucial to have an independent body created by the local LGBT community to represent them.

“This organisation needs to be completely free of the financial control the Gulf is exercising over many entities, including other nonprofits.” the new GoFundMe campaign says, describing The Alwan Foundation an organisation that will aim to collect evidence-based data to accurately reflect the circumstance and living conditions of the LGBT community in different Gulf countries.

The new foundation is working in collaboration with The Center for Immigrant Protection.

That organisaton was founded by two San Francisco-based attorneys who identified a critical need for high-quality pro-bono representation among vulnerable immigrant populations escaping violence and persecution in their home countries. They offer pro-bono legal representation to LGBT immigrants seeking freedom from persecution within the borders of the United States.

The GoFundMe campaign has set a goal of raising US$100,000 to get their work underway.

Head to their web page to find out more or contribute to the fundraiser via GoFundMe

OIP Staff

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