Elton John cancels shows after being stuck down by rare infection

Sir Elton John has cancelled an upcoming season in Las Vegas because he’s contracted a rare bacterial infection on a recent tour of South America.

The singer became violently ill on the return flight from Chile and spent two nights in intensive care in a UK hospital. After a period in hospital he’s now returned home.

Elton was due to return to his residency in Las Vegas but due to his ill health all of his scheduled The Million Dollar Piano performances at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in April and May have been cancelled.

The venue released a statement saying the 70 year old singer was back home in the UK and recuperating.

“During a recent, successful tour of South America, Elton contracted a harmful and unusual bacterial infection. During his return flight home from Santiago, Chile, he became violently ill.

“Upon returning to the UK, Elton’s doctors admitted him to hospital, where he underwent immediate treatment to remove the infection.

“After spending two nights in intensive care followed by an extended stay in hospital, Elton was released from hospital on Saturday and is now comfortably resting at home per doctors advice.

“Infections of this nature are rare and potentially deadly. Thankfully, Elton’s medical team identified this quickly and treated it successfully. He is expected to make a full and complete recovery.”

Elton is expected to be fit and well before his next scheduled performances in Twickenham, England, in early June.