‘Embarrassing Bodies’ doctor Christian Jessen faces bankruptcy

Christian Jessen

Dr. Christian Jessen, best know for presenting British television programs Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize Vs Superskinny is facing bankruptcy after a court ordered him to pay politician Arlene Foster £125,000 plus legal costs.

The Belfast Telegraphas reported that Northern Ireland’s outgoing First Minister was awarded the payout over a tweet posted by Jessen that suggested she was having an extramarital affair.

The presiding judge, Mr. Justice McAlinden said Jessen’s comment was “grossly defamatory”.

“It was an outrageous libel concerning an individual of considerable standing, attacking her integrity at a most fundamental level and it involves the trashing in a very public fashion the relationship that Mrs. Foster holds dearest in her life.”

“It affected core aspects of the plaintiff’s life, namely, her relationship with her husband and her deep Christian faith.” the judge said.

Dr. Jessen has responded saying her only has £20,000 to his name, and will need to launch a crowdfunding campaign to pay the judgement, or face bankruptcy.

Launching his GoFundMe campaign Dr. Jessen highlighted his work in promoting LGBTQ+ rights, including advocating for marriage equality, changing blood donation rules and reducing the stigma surrounding people living with HIV.

“As a  practising doctor and humanist with a public profile, I have fought hard to ensure LGBTQ+ rights are recognised and upheld around the world and I am proud to have been involved in many prominent campaigns bringing positive change to marriage equality, blood donation rules, women’s abortion rights, and recognising and reducing HIV stigma.

“I made a documentary ‘Cure Me I’m Gay’ which explored conversion therapies, exposing them as ineffective and in many cases harmful. Unfortunately these sham therapies are still being pushed by many religious groups. I will continue to campaign against them.

“I am an advocate for HIV education and testing and am proud to be a National HIV Testing Week Ambassador. I am, perhaps, better known for my television work offering medical help and guidance to your front rooms.” Dr. Jessen said.

The celebrity doctor also noted that he had struggled with his mental health through the court case, and had faced difficult personal circumstances over the last year.

Since being launched on 22nd May 2021, the campaign has raised just under £8,000, and Christian Jessen has also faced a social media backlash.

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