Entertainer Simon Gallagher splits from wife after more than 30 years

Much loved Australian entertainer Simon Gallagher has split from his wife Lisa after more than three decades together.

Gallagher, who was a household name in the 1980’s, had been living the quiet life in Queensland with his wife Lisa and teenage children when they were suddenly thrown into the spotlight last year.

Entertainer Todd McKenney, who is Lisa Gallagher’s brother, announced on Melbourne radio station JOYFM that his brother-in-law was also his former partner.

McKenney dropped his bombshell revelation that he had been in a same-sex relationship with Gallagher for several years. After they split up Gallagher met his sister and the couple married. McKenney said news that his ex-boyfriend was dating his sister had come as a complete surprise.

The entertainer was criticised for sharing the story publicly because Gallagher had never previously spoken about his sexuality, and the couple’s children were unaware of the previous relationship.

Now eight months after the revelation Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford has shared that the long standing couple have split up. Speaking to 6PR yesterday morning Ford said Gallagher had gone to a “dark place” after the revelation and the relationship had now ended.

OIP Staff