Eric Abetz demoted to third spot on Liberal senate ticket

Liberal senator Eric Abetz has been demoted to the third spot on the party’s senate ticket at the next election.

Having previously been in the top spot on the party’s senate ticket, Abetz will be given the third spot at the next election behind senators Jonathan Duniam and Wendy Askew.

Speaking to radio station Triple M, Senator Abetz said he put the reason for his demotion down to ageism and sexism.

“The thing that encouraged me immensely was there was no criticism of work ethic, energy, capacity, advocacy skills, getting things done for Tasmania, being a voice for reason in this silly politically correct world at the moment,” he the radio station.

“None of those things were criticised. When people want to make manoeuvres, they have to find something that you can’t do anything about. And one thing I can’t do anything about is the day I was born, nor the sex that I was given courtesy of the chromosome interaction, whatever, which caused me to be a male.”

The 63 year old senator, who has been in the parliament since 1994, said the focus should be on how good someone is at their job, not how old they are.

“My argument to people would be: If you needed the best barrister in the world, or a heart surgeon, would your first question be how old is the person, or what gender is the person, or would you say are they the best of their trade?” Senator Abetz said.

Highlighting the careers of Winston Churchill, Donald Trump and Ronald Regan, Senator Abetz said it was clear older people could make great politicians. He also suggested that he had been the victim of a smear campaign from the media who suggested that he was unpopular.

Senator Abetz was a minister in the Howard and Abbott governments, and served as the government’s leader in the senate. He was sent to the backbench when Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister and his political fortunes have not improved under current Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

A vocal opponent of marriage equality, Senator Abetz is one of 12 politicians who voted against allowing same-sex marriage in the senate after the postal vote showed the vast majority of Australians wanted change.

Senator Abetz’s demotion comes just weeks after Queensland senator Amanda Stoker was assigned the third spot on the LNP’s Queensland senate ticket.

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