Fashion lovers are going to lap up this new doco on Pierre Cardin

Lovers of fashion won’t want to miss an exciting new documentary coming to Luna in July. House of Cardin looks at the life and work of famous designer Pierre Cardin.

In the trailer for the film supermodel Jenny Shimizu notes Cardin was one of the first designers to put diversity at the centre of his presentations.

“It’s very important to remember that he was the first designer to get into diversity, because designers have that power to globally inspire millions of people.”

The documentary features many famous faces including Naomi Campbell, Sharon Stone, Philippe Stark, Alice Cooper, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dionne Warwick and Pierre Cardin himself, who says he’d like to be thought of as an artist.

The film looks into how Cardin was focused on futurism, and his interest expanded way beyond the world of fashion.

Take a look at the trailer, the documentary has an exclusive season at Luna from 30th July.

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