Fiona Campbell and Emma Matthews deliver an opera classic

This week for the WA Opera’s Ghost Light Opera series Fiona Campbell and Emma Matthews sing Duo Des Fleurs from Lakmé accompanied by Tommaso Pollio.

The flower duet from Lakmé, set early in the opera and revealing nothing more than two girls picking flowers, has become one of the most well-known pieces of music on the planet due in large part to its starring role in TV advertising.

The duet’s simplicity is deceiving. Its close harmony, off beat pulse in compound time and the need to blend perfectly between the voices make it extremely difficult to sing.

Every Saturday night the West Australian Opera releases a clip of a performer singing a well known aria. The series takes it name from a ghost light – the single light left on the stage when a theatre is empty.

Take a listen to Mathews and Campbell’s stunning delivery of the iconic tune.

OIP Staff

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