First Look at Fringe World 2015!

Briefs Second Coming

Perth Fringe World 2015 is fast approaching at it look’s like next year’s festival is set to be bigger than ever before!

The Fringe World program has been released today and we are spoilt for choice for exciting new acts from the local and international scene!

There are literally hundreds of things to see, but we’ve taken a scan of the program and picked a few shows that we’re looking forward to this festival season!


Hannah Conda brings her usual wit and tenacity to a huge edition of Bingay this Fringe World Festival. It’s rude, it’s crude and you’re very likely to go home with a dildo.

Briefs: The Second Coming

This all-star boylesque troupe (pictured) performs after selling out in 2014. You’ll want to get tickets for this one quick. The boys are also hosting a variety night called ‘Club Briefs’ featuring the Briefs boys themselves alongside a number of artists from all over the Fringe.

Charlie Hides Whooo?

This comedian and celebrity impersonator is sure to be a barrel of fun. Charlie Hides comes with a selection of wigs and a reccommendation from Cher herself.


Two best mates turn twenty-eight and start to re-evaluate their life choices, each discussing how much easier it would be if they could live the other’s life. Brought to you by two of Perth’s brightest theatre-writers, Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs.

Famous Sharron – Get Shazzied

As is to be expected, Famous Sharron is going to be keeping herself very busy this Fringe. Aside from presenting a cabaret night alongside the soulful sounds of Some Like it Yacht, she’s also going to be offering festivalgoers a unique opportunity: if you can’t get married, get shazzied. Famous SHarron will be hosting public commitment ceremonies in the scenic surrounds of the Fringe World gardens with the delightful Odette Mercy providing ambience with her sweet, sweet music.

Christeene: The Christeene Machine

Christeene has been described as “Beyonce on Bath Salts”. She’s sure to be a punk-fuelled musical explosion of sexuality and insanity.


Drag performer Lady Diamond takes a turn as Le Chevalier d’Eon, a French royal spy who successfully masqueraded as a woman to infiltrate the Russian court in the times of King Louis XV.

Cougar Morrison

This delightful performer is bringing his own special brand of warbling androgyny to Deville’s Pad. Drawing comparisons to Edith Piaf and David Bowie, he’s sure to provide a very unique show.

Dave Warneke Dates the Entire Audience

This Melbourne comedian promises to take the entire audience out on an interactive date. Frankly, we’re intrigued to see how this one works.

East End Cabaret: Sexual Tension

Seductress Bernadette Byrne and her gender-shattering companion Victor Victoria return to try and sort out the ambiguous nature of their relationship.

Ariel Pink

Indie-pop prince Ariel Pink brings his psychedelic jams to the Budgie Smuggler with his first headline show in WA.


This three-person dance work reflects on AIDS, sex, activism and disco through the eyes and bodies of Generation Y.

I Can’t Say the F Word

From the mind that brought you ‘Confessions of a Grindr Addict’ comes this new production that gives an insight into how a word can shape an identity.

It Ain’t Vot You Do It’s Ze Vay Zat You Do It!

Opera performer Robert Hofman returns as Helmut Wunderlicher, singing teacher and wannabe psychologist, hymn-singer Susan Higgins and slinky cabaret singer Dr Kay Overit.

Joel Creasey: The Hurricane

One of Perth’s best comedic exports returns with tighter jeans, bigger hair and a truckload of even more wicked stories.

Le Gateau Chocolat – I Heart Chocolat

This Nigerian-born London glamour god has a gargantuan voice, a law degree, and more charisma than you can poke a stick at! He strikes an uncontrollable desire for sequins into all who hear his name.

Malpractical Jokes

Local overacheiver Izaak Lim is an improviser, actor, storyteller and legitimate medical doctor. Come for his hilarious tales of woe, stay for how cute he is.

Matthew Mitcham’s Twists and Turns

OUTinPerth cover alumni returns with the show that stole hearts at the 2014 Fringe. This Olympian-turned-Thespian is as charming as he is frank.

Naked Girls Reading

Is there anything in that title that isn’t good? No. It’s objectively the best thing ever to happen to you probably.

Over the Rainbow

Songstresses Ali Bodycoat and Libby Hammer return with their PrideFEST show celebrating all things gender and sexuality diverse by lending their voices to classic queer anthems.

Rhys Nicholson – Eurgh

This dapper comedian returns with his hair game strong and his gag game stronger.

Bryony Kimmings: Sex Idiot

Bryony Kimmings brings a frank and humorous exploration of female sexuality following a positive STI test.

Sex With Animals

Ryan the Bisexual Lion explores his sexuality and the far reaches of the perverted animal kingdom.

Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox

Michael Griffiths lends his critically acclaimed voice to the songs of one of the world’s most beloved lyricists and singers.

The Naked Magicians

It’s magic. It’s cute dudes in the nude. Everybody loves both of those things, but do they work well together? We shall have to see.

The Vaudevillians Starring Jinx Monsoon

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ winner Jinx Monsoon returns with her popular cabaret show alongside the talented Major Scales.

From Under the Bed

Perth’s own Gendermess productions make their theatrical debut with this avant-garde exploration of gender, drag and “monsters”. Featuring some of the best drag performers from the local scene.

Geraldine Hickey in: Listen Out for the Castanets

Unselfconscious comedian Geraldine Hickey tells a story about her own moment of crisis and the wisdom and humour that it wrought.

At Fringe World in 2015, you don’t have to be in Northbridge to get a tasty helping of satisfying fringey goodness. Fremantle joins the party with 100 shows in ten venues. Check out the Freo Royale website to see what’s going on in that neck of the woods. Midland is also making its Cinderella-style transformation into the gorgeous creature that is Midlandia. Stay tuned to its Facebook page to see what’s happening.

Take a look through the Fringe World 2015 program to see the whole overwhelming shebang!

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