Flint voices her support for Chandler Bill saying it should cover children

Retiring South Australian Liberal MP Nicole Flint has voiced her support for Senator Claire Chandler’s bill that would amend the Sex Discrimination Act so that sporting groups would be able to discriminate against transgender girls and women.

Writing an opinion piece in The Australian, Flint said that is was clear that both men and young boys who identify as transgender girls and women had a clear physical advantage.

Flint, who holds the South Australian seat of Boothby, will be retiring at the upcoming federal election after serving two terms in parliament.

The MP presents an analysis of Australian Little Athletics records, starting with the under-nine years of age category, and argues that since 1971 it has clearly been shown that across a range of sports boys perform better than girls.

“The indisputable fact is that boys run faster, jump higher and throw farther than girls, even before they go through puberty.

“Faced with these facts, how can it possibly be fair to girls to compete against biological boys?” Flint wrote arguing for bans on sport participation to extend to prepubescent children.

Flint says the bill developed by Senator Chandler is needed because Sport Australia has failed to take appropriate action.

Earlier this week the bill was endorsed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and New South Wales senator Hollie Hughes has also voiced support. Liberal party Vice-President Teena McQueen has called for more legislation to be developed, saying that it is needed in other areas of society, not only sport.

Flint says the response to Chandler’s bill from “the usual suspects” had been vicious, and highlights the erosion of women’s rights.

“The vicious response to Chandler and her sensible, minimalist bill proves what we already knew: Australian women and girls have fewer rights than trans women and girls and there are a number of highly co-ordinated groups that are trying to ensure women come dead last in every area of our society.” Flint wrote.

Among those voicing concern about the bill are Tasmanian Liberal Premier Peter Gutwein, the member for Wentworth Dave Sharma, Liberal senator Andrew Bragg and the member for Bass Bridget Archer.

Additionally concern has been raised by Equality Australia, Equality Tasmania, Intersex Human Rights Australia, and Transfolk of WA.

Back in 2016 Western Australian Liberal MP Peter Abetz publicly argued that transgender children should not be permitted to play school sports. Abetz raised concern after an eight year old girl, who was in the third grade, came fourth in her primary school running race.

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