Flo Reel Wins Third Round of Queen of the Court

Flo Reel was declared the winner of Round Three of Queen of the Court last night when her devil look impressed the judges.

This week the contestants were asked to create a look, while the judges liked Flo Reel’s devil outfit they were not as taken with the other contestants efforts. Acid tongued judge Val Nourished told Fay Rocious that there was a rubbish bin on Beaufort Street desperately waiting for her poor quality wig. While Karen AKlutch was pulled up slipping out of her shoes, long standing performer Sheila Mann didn’t hold back telling Aklutch her toes slipping over the edge of her shoes looked like “perched birds”. Scarlett Adams impressed the judges with her look but arriving by bathtub, ala Lady Gaga, was deemed a bit over the top.

The judges themselves showed the contestants how to pull of a look. Val Nourished channeled Lindy Chamberlain, with help from Jackie McDonald’s hair. Hannah Conda perfected a Harlequin look while Shiela Mann killed Kabuki and Miss Tracy rocked out a tiara.

For the second round the contestants undertook a series of challenges starting with a round of musical chairs. That was followed up with a task that involved the contests covering their faces with lipstick and lip gloss before planting their whole face into a plate of glitter. Next the wannabe queens attempted eating a banana while covering their faces with a fishnet stocking. Finally they collected candy snakes covered in whipped cream off a table using their mouths. By the end of the second round all the contestants had a matching lipstick, glitter, cream look.

Sadly one contestant had to be knocked out, and Karen Aklutch was disposed of, leaving Anna Falaxis, Flo Reel, Scarlett Adams and Fay Rocious to complete for the crown in next weeks final.

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