Florida family arrested over assault of son’s partner

A family in Florida are set to face trial together after they were arrested for an assault that allegedly left their victim beaten and permanently blind.

The victim, a 31 year old man whose identity has not been made public, has said he was in a relationship with 21-year old Oleh Makarenko, who is known as Alex. The man says that when his partner’s parents found out about the relationship they became enraged and they later arrived at his home where he was assaulted.

Prosecutors say Oleh and his parents Inna Makarenko, 44, and Yevhen Makarenko, 43, arrived at his home in Pompano Beach last August and accused him of turning their son gay. They were accompanied by their two sons Oleh, and his older brother Vladyslav. Not only was he allegedly violently attacked by the couple, prosecutors say his partner also joined in the assault.

Authorities have charged both Inna, Yevhen and Oleh Makarenko with felony attempted murder, and are reviewing the cases of their other son. Via their lawyers all three have denied the charges.

Speaking to a investigating officers the victim said he feared for his life. His police interview was shared on a local television station.

“He was a little afraid of his family or very afraid of his family,” the man said of his partner. “He was telling me that his dad was treating him like he wasn’t even his child, that his mom was trying to force him to marry a girl.”

The man said after a two-week break in their relationship the family arrived at his home and forced their way inside.

“Alex told me he hated me, and I told them, like, ‘Unfortunately, no matter what you do, it’s not going to change that your son is gay. I’m sorry, but your son is gay,’” he said. The victim said he asked Alex “if that was what he wanted, and he told me ‘no.’”

The man told investigators he could not remember what occurred next but he suffered a brain trauma, a blood infection and multiple broken bones. As a result of his injuries he has lost his sight.

Initially the victim had told police that he had fallen down some stairs, but six months after the incident reported the assault.

The attorney representing the family says his clients had no involvement in the crime, and most of them had never heard of the victim before.

“Many, if not all of them, didn’t even know this person in any way, shape, or form,” Attorney Michael Glasser told the media.

“Thus far, there’s really been scant, and borderline nothing, remotely compelling that points to this family having anything to do with this poor guy’s injuries.” Glasser said.

OIP Staff

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