‘Follies’ is being screened at LUNA Cinemas in June


Have you ever seen Follies?

It’s probably going to be a while before you can jump on a plane and head of to London’s West End or book some tickets to see some shows on Broadway. The next best thing is seeing a brilliantly filmed show from these locations on a big cinema screen.

Luna Cinemas have a presentation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Follies this June. Recorded live on stage at Britain’s National Theatre, this 2017 production stars the amazing Imelda Staunton, alongside Tracie Bennett, Janie Dee.

The set up of Follies is this, New York, 1971. There’s a party on the stage of Weismann Theatre. Tomorrow the iconic building will be demolished. Thirty years after their final performance, the Follies girls gather to have a few drinks, sing a few songs and lie about themselves.

This amazing productions features a cast of 37 and an orchestra of 21, brining Stephen Sondheim’s legendary musical to life.

The musical first opened on Broadway in 1971, and was one of the most expensive musical ever produced at the time. Despite playing for over 500 performances, it failed to recoup its investment. Over the years it’s been revived many times. The most well know songs from the musical are Losing My Mind and I’m Still Here. 

This 2017 London production was so popular, it returned to the National Theatre in 2019, and now director Dominic Cooke is set to create the film version of the musical.

At a Q&A event in 2017 Imelda Staunton shared that she wasn’t personally a big fan of musicals but she always liked work created by the legendary Stephen Sondheim.

“I think why I like Sondheim’s is because they always seem to me to be plays with extremely troubles speeches which are set to music, which he writes.” Staunton said. “He writes for actors I think.”

Catch a screening on Saturday 5th June, 1.00pm and Sun 6 June, 4.00pm plus Tue 8 June , 11.00am at Luna Leederville & Luna on SX.

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