Fur Friends- dogs and cats and more dogs

Bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.  We caught up with some OUTinPerth readers and friends to meet their furry companions.

Matthew, Shuan, Sandy and Lilly


There’s no doubt Matthew Ingram and his partner Shaun Anning have a great love their two dogs Sandy and Lilly.

While Sandy’s been on the scene for around ten years, younger Lilly was a rescue dog they began fostering around five years ago. One of Shaun and Matthew’s businesses, Studio Lillet in Leederville, was even named after Lilly.

The couple admit it was a lot of work to train the rambunctious younger dog but their perseverance has paid off. Shaun told OUTinPerth that the dogs really like to go to the park every day and sulk if they miss out.

Cinnamon and Princess Daisy

Cinnamon and Cat

DJ Cinnamon has had her cat Princess Daisy for over 8 years. Cinnamon said that Princess Daisy is a total princess.

“She has attitude – but who wouldn’t if they were that pretty and especially since an annoying little dog came in to her life two years ago” Cinnamon said.

Cinnamon said might have ‘tude but she always cuddles up at night, sleeping under my arm and taking up most of the bed.

Cinnamon told us that Princess Daisy’s favorite pastimes include sleeping 22 hours a day, eating her beloved Fancy Feast (but only seafood varieties don’t you dare give her anything else), chewing on peoples hair, doing rolly pollies and having her cheeks scratched

Sarah and Charlie


Sarah Foreman got her dog Charlie because she wanted some company. ”I have a lot of time to myself and I wanted someone to hang out with.” Sarah told OUTinPerth, “So I got a little dog.”

“I did a lot of research online into smaller dogs and got Charlie who is a miniature pinscher.” Sarah said. “There’s only one breeder in Western Australia but when I contacted her a new litter had just been born.”

Sarah describes Charlie as shy but said he also has a sense of humour. “He’s very shy but very cuddly once he gets to know you.” Sarah said, He’s really funny, if he doesn’t like something, he’ll just sneeze at you.”

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