Game of Thrones teaser trailer reveals July release date

US broadcaster HBO have revealed the much anticipated release date for the penultimate season of the TV fantasy smash-hit Game of Thrones.

The Houses of Targaryen, Lannister, Stark, Martell, Tyrell, Baratheon and Greyjoy will return to our screens on July 17 on Foxtel, who will be airing the program at the same time as their US counterparts.

In a new short trailer, we are teased with stone carvings bearing the imagery of each of the major houses playing for the throne in George R. R. Martin’s fantasy epic.

Danaerys, the late King Joffrey, Roose Bolton, Olenna Tyrell and others can be heard delivering dialogue from memorable moments in earlier seasons – perhaps hinting at plot points to remember – before the sigils are seen to crumble, revealing the eye of the Night’s King.

Winter has come! What do you expect from the final two seasons of the show? Watch the teaser below and let us know your theories.

Game of Thrones Season Seven premieres Monday July 17th on Foxtel’s Showcase. 


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