Gay and Lesbian Singers of WA rebrand as Perth Pride Choir

One of Perth’s most beloved LGBTQIA+ community groups has announced an all-new name to ensure they are more inclusive of their members and our communities.

The Gay and Lesbian Singers of WA (GALSWA) has officially become Perth Pride Choir as of the first day of 2021, after 27 years of bringing LGBTQIA+ voices and stories to audiences across Australia through song.

The long-running group say that GALSWA’s name served an important purpose in standing proud against adversity, but they are committed to better representing our blossoming community.

“I am so proud to be part of Perth Pride Choir,” said Irene Moore of the Perth Pride Choir committee.

“Everyone across the sexual and gender diversity rainbow, including our allies, is welcome, and our new name reinforces what has always been our ethos.”

“It is even written on our shirts – Harmony in diversity.”

Trans advocate and choir member Karron Swinn also welcomed the change.

“I feel the new name of the choir, Perth Pride Choir, reflects the new age of sexual and gender diversity of the choir in 2021.”

Perth Pride Choir have seen a number of outstanding achievements across almost three decades, including their performance at Sydney Opera House in 2002 as backup for k.d. lang in celebration of the International Gay Games and Cultural Festival, and starring in their own documentary; Singing For Our One True Heart.

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