Get Down with Danny Krivit at Le Club Finale

Danny Krivit

A few years ago I was in New York. It was February. It was cold and snow covered the city. On a Sunday night we headed down to the Lower East Side to check out the 718 Sessions, a disco night run by acclaimed DJ Danny Krivit.

Alongside Krivit on the bill was legendary DJ John Morales, the man behind some of the earliest 12inch mixes of dance tunes. We’d be warned to get their early, as the club is famous for
filling quickly.

The doors opened at 6pm. We got there around half an hour earlier. Already there was a queue stretching down the street. We made through the doors and within 15 minutes the club was full, everyone was on the dance floor and long lost underground classic disco tunes were coming one after the other.

The crowds was diverse, people from all different backgrounds. People in their 20’s through to people who were most likely partying at The Paradise Garage and Studio 54. I’ll never forget watching a lady in her 50’s or 60’s in the middle of the dance floor, wearing blue denim overalls, she was having such a good time, and you got the feeling she’d been enjoying the dance floor for decades.

The music Danny Krivit played was outstandingly good.

This month Krivit is making his first trip to Perth. His session for ‘Le Club’ at Connections Nightclub is going to be massive. The team behind the alternative night that has run for the last two years are about to head overseas, so they’re wrapping things up with a huge send off.

The Final Le Club (20th edition) featuring Danny Krivit (NYC) and The Bens is at Connections on Friday April 22nd.

Graeme Watson      

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