GFest Ready to Make the Midwest Spectacular


Next week is the opening of of GFest, the arts and cultural festival that aims to make Geraldton spectacular for ten days of music, performance, art and good times.

This year’s GFest has expanded from last year, which featured events over one day, one night and a launch, to a ten day festival of arts events. The illustrious De Parel Spiegeltent that graced Perth FringeWorld this year will be set up in Geraldton in Queens Park.

Festival Coordinator Raina Savage told us what the festival has in store, as well as what inspired this year’s 60s’ Go-Go theme.

“GFEST takes a theme every year – starting with the letter ‘G’. This was my personal choice since the sixties is my favourite era. As a 4 year old in the mid 60s I LOVED the music and the dance. My favourite song was Nancy Sinatra ‘these boots are made for walking’ and my life’s ambition was to be a go go dancer in a cage. This year, at 52, with the new Geraldton burlesque troupe House of Jezebelles I may just finally realise that ambition!”

The festival also has a number of events to delight and inspire LGBT show-goers.

“GFEST is a celebration of social, cultural and sexual diversity. Run by Pride Midwest it showcases the midwest GLBTI community and is a place where GLBTI people from everywhere can celebrate openly. ”

“Events that will appeal specifically to the LGBTI community are on Saturday 11th October: our GFEST eXtravaganza – a fantastic cabaret night with drag shows,burlesque, sideshow, comedy and circus performances. Our MC this year is Famous Sharron and we have 2 great drag shows with a 60s theme. Then there is GFEAST Family Fare Day – a market day with performances by our visiting acts, where the drag queens are a feature, and where visiting GLBTI people dress for the occasion. These ‘traditional’ GLBTI themed events will be the culmination of the festival.

“There is also a queer film night on Sunday 5th October – showing Blue is the Warmest Colour and Blancieneves.”

Savage says the festival aims to expand the region’s cultural horizons and counter stereotypes:

“GFEST Arts Spectacular aims to bring dynamic, exciting contemporary arts events and activities to the Midwest, offering the local community the opportunity to experience cutting edge arts events that may be more challenging than they are used to.

“GFEST is also the opportunity to showcase the talent and creativity of the Midwest arts community – and to challenge the perception of Geraldton as a bogan backwater. The Midwest has some very celebrated contemporary artists – who have won major awards and have international reputations. We also have a burgeoning gourmet and organic food culture, and a great diversity of cultural groups. GFEST aims to show this alternative, emerging face of Geraldton and to create opportunities for these groups to shine and be visible, challenging limited stereotypes of Geraldton at a local and a statewide level.”

GFest beings next Friday October 3rd. More information available on their website.

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