Gladys Liu forgot she’s no longer an AFL Ambassador

Liberal candidate Glady Liu says nerves made her claim to be an AFL Ambassador despite her resigning from the role last year.

Liu, who is running for the Victorian seat of Chisholm has been dogged by comments she previously made about LGBTI people and the Safe Schools program.

Which lead to people asking why she is a multicultural  Ambassador for the sporting code, giving their strong support for wiping out homophobia in sport, and their groundbreaking stance in favour of same-sex marriage.

Earlier this month AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has said Liu finished being an ambassador at the end of 2018 and would not be reappointed.

Activists were surprised when Liu claimed to still be in the role when she appeared at a Meet the Candidates Forum for the Australian Christian Lobby over the weekend.

OUTinPerth asked Liu why she was still claiming to be in the role, and she explained that nerves had got the better of her at the event and she misspoke.

“I had been a multicultural ambassador for the AFL for four years but I did not continue this year due to busy campaign schedule that would have prevented me from performing my role.

“I was a bit nervous on stage and was not aware of this error. Thank you for pointing it out.” Liu told OUTinPerth. “I can confirm that I finished my term at the end of last year and I did not seek to continue.”

Previously Liu had disputed a series of comments being attributed to her, saying the media “twists” information to misrepresent people’s views.

Her suggestion that her comments had been misrepresented lead to The Guardian releasing the audio recording of her interview where she described LGBTI rights and recognition of transgender people as “rubbish”.


OIP Staff

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