Going Ballistic: A Re-working of Giselle

G Australia Dance Theatre 4-7 July State Theatre Centre image 6 by Chris HerzfeldAustralian Dance Theatre are heading west with their acclaimed show ‘G’ a reworking of the traditional ballet Giselle. It sounds like a dance show that is uniquely different. Dancer Daniel Jaber who performs in the show described it to OUTinPerth.

Jaber describes the shows choreography as, “typically Gary Stewart, it’s ballistic, relentless and super fast, there’s almost a grotesque contortionism element to it as well…there’s the expressive ballistic tumbling stuff but also a lot of references to classicism and classical ballet.”   

 “Conceptually the spacial arrangement of the piece is really interesting… it moves from the audiences left to right, the performance space is a very long narrow strip of parquet rather than the whole stage dimension that you’re used to,’ explains Jaber.

“It works as a sectionalised narrative and concepts that travel along the space but never get told in full, so what you get is this hour of ideas or suggestions that the audience can the adapt an can then place in their own fantasy or interpretation.”

‘G’ is at the State Theatre Centre from July 4-7

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