Grand Love Stories: Chris and Pete

Chris and Pete

Chris and Pete are the epitome of a modern love story, having met through Facebook’s ‘People you may know’ feed. Pete sent Chris a friend request and after some chatting, Chris won Pete’s heart before they even met by sending him a video for his birthday featuring himself and his cat. “Chris stood out from the crowd, with his cat video, which I found quite funny.” Pete said.

The couple met two years ago after Chris moved from Perth to Melbourne and they recently made their partnership official in a British consulate. “We didn’t sleep together on the first date, so that’s kinda how I knew that it was serious.” Chris explained. “I’ve known for a while that Pete is the person that I want to marry and I thought ‘this is for me, at this point in my life as good as it gets. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else but him.’” When it comes to making a relationship last, they both cite communication and trust as crucial factors.

Pete said one of the strengths of their relationship is that they’re both very affectionate. I like someone to come home to, who, if I had an issue or a problem or a hard day at work, they’re able to understand and comfort me and I don’t need them to sit there and give me advice, I just want them to give me a hug and Chris does that very well.” He said. Chris concurred: “I love that about him, that as much as he’s a bit of a bloke, he loves a cuddle.” He said. “He’s got a nice butt as well. So I like that about him.”

Sophie Joske

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