Grand Love Stories: Idi and Lisa

Idi and LisaFP

Idi and Lisa have been together for three years, but met almost thirty years ago and shared their first kiss at sixteen. The pair explained that from the moment they met there had always been something between them but the circumstances were never quite right. “We came close to getting together two other times” said Lisa. It was after 27 years of friendship that they finally started dating. Idi said the foundation of friendship helped her feel more secure because “we knew each other really well.”

Idi says her attraction to Lisa goes beyond the physical. “I am just so attracted to Lisa, I love her brain. She knows things I don’t have a clue about, but mostly I love her pure heart, she gives good love”.

When asked what she loves about Idi, Lisa’s answer is immediate.

“She loves me no matter what. She still comes to me even when I’m grumpy. She helps me snap out of it. She’s amazing. When you know, you know. ” Their commitment to their own individual identities within the relationship is one of its strengths. “You do your thing, I’ll do mine, we meet in the middle.” Lisa said.

As a therapist, Idi has plenty of wisdom to offer when it comes to finding a relationship’s staying power. “There’s a combination of things, and you can’t take the relationship or one another for granted. That’s part of the consciousness. You’ve got to maintain the individuality. I think that becoming one thing is nuts. Because I don’t want her to be me, I want her to be her, I love her for her and I support her to be more of who she is.”

Sophie Joske

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