Greens urge Australians to keep campaigning for YES vote

The Australian Greens are urging voters to continue rallying for a ‘yes’ outcome in the postal survey on marriage following the news that over 50% of forms have been returned.

The Greens say that the update from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing that 57.5% of votes have been returned in the marriage equality postal survey is heartening, but they will not take anything for granted and will continue campaigning for a ‘yes’ win.

“It’s a good sign that so many ballots have been returned – it just goes to show that Australians care deeply about this issue, despite this process being forced on us when there was a much easier and less harmful way,” said Senator Janet Rice, Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson.

“But we won’t stop campaigning to ensure that all ‘yes’ voters return their ballots. We’ve been knocking on doors and making calls to ensure that those ballots get posted back, and we know that the majority of Australians want to see marriage equality happen.”

“There are still a lot of people who have their ballot on the kitchen bench or at the bottom of their bag, so we want to make sure that people pop their vote in the post as soon as possible.

“We also encourage all ‘yes’ supporters to call their family members, their friends and their colleagues and remind them to post their ‘yes’ vote back as soon as possible, so they can be part of this historic reform to remove discrimination from our marriage laws.”

All surveys must be posted back to the ABS by November 7.

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