Hastie will support marriage equality if Canning want it

Andrew Hastie

The Liberal candidate for the upcoming Canning by-election, Andrew Hastie, has said he will support marriage equality should a public vote show his potential electorate supports the move.

The West Australian reports that the potential MP says he is in favour of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s decision to hold a plebiscite or referendum after the next federal election.

“Everyone tells me it’s a huge issue, well let’s go to a popular vote and if the people of Canning want to legislate in favour of same sex marriage, as their representative it is my obligation to push that through,” Mr Hastie said, “There is no bogeyman. I’m advocating for a popular vote and if the people want it, I’m obliged to do that.”

Mr Hastie also responded to questions of faith, concerning his father’s position as pastor and principal of the Presbyterian Theological College. Andrew’s father Peter Hastie has written a number of pieces on creationism, a belief system that rejects evolution theory in favour of a biblical literalist understanding of the book of Genesis and divine creation.

“I believe there was a god, I believe he was the first mover. There is plenty of disagreement within Christianity itself about the specifics of creation, of theistic evolution,” Mr Hastie said.

Mr Hastie said last week said declaring his views on sexuality and religion were “totally unacceptable” and that he opposes same-sex marriage.

The Canning by-election will be held on Saturday, September 19th.

OIP Staff

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