Idaho man sentenced to 28 years for deadly assault of gay man

An Idaho man has been given two 28-year sentences, that will be served concurrently, in relation to a brutal fatal assault on a gay man.

Kelly Schneider, 23, of Nampa, pleaded guilty to a U.S. federal hate crime for attacking Steven Nelson last year at a remote wildlife refuge while repeatedly using a homophobic slur.

Schneider, admitting to kicking Nelson 20 – 30 times, while wearing steel capped boots.

He has now been sentenced on both state and federal charges, and will serve two 28 year sentences concurrently.

In February local news reported that according to a plea agreement with prosecutors, Schneider posted a solicitation for sex on website with a shirtless photo of himself.

Nelson responded to the ad, and the two met the next evening. Schneider took Nelson’s money without doing any sexual activity.

“Before the encounter, Schneider told his friends that he was not gay and would not let anyone who was gay touch him,” the official press release said.

Two days later Schneider contacted Nelson a second time. Schneider had recruited others to help him rob Nelson again at that point. He planned to meet Nelson at a remote wildlife refuge, then agree to meet for sex. Instead, he planned to rob Nelson while his companions waited nearby to help in the crime if required.

The court documents say when Nelson showed up, Schneider began beating Nelson  kicking him 20-30 times with steel-toed boots and repeatedly saying homophobic slurs.

According to Schneider in the plea agreement, no one else assaulted Nelson.

Nelson, who did not resist the attack, died from his injuries later that day. He was found wandering in a neighbourhood close to where he was attacked, naked and badly beaten.

OIP Staff

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