Internet Turns Red For Marriage Equality

HRC LogoSocial media sites including Facebook and Twitter were awash with the American Human Rights Campaigns (HRC) marriage equality logo as the US Supreme Court began hearing cases for marriage equality.

The HRC’s red and pink equal sign has quickly spread across social media sites over the last 24 hours.

LGBT advocate and Star Trek star George Takei received 14,000 shares from his large fan base when he changed his profile picture to the logo. Other celebrities joining the campaign include Tegan and Sara and Lance Bass High profile pages such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show has followed. TV show ‘True Blood‘ features a version of the logo with added fangs on their Facebook page.

The campaign aims to overturn the Unite States Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the Californian Proposition 8 that overturned same sex marriage.  The US Supreme Court is expected to deliver it’s decision in June.



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