Introducing #Postboxselfie – Post your vote. Post your selfie.

We’ve all had this farce of a Marriage Equality Survey foisted upon us and most of us are pretty disappointed that our civil rights are being put to a voluntary, non-binding, $122M survey.

So why not have some fun with it, and make the most of a terrible situation?

Introducing: #postboxselfie

When was the last time you actually went to a post box, to deposit a letter?

Take a moment to commemorate this once in a lifetime opportunity to merge 1900s technology, 21st century trends and our fight for civil rights, by taking a #postboxselfie.

How can I participate?

When you post your survey take a selfie (or more) with you and your friends at the post box and share it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with the #postboxselfie tag.

Have some fun with it, bring some rainbow flags, dress up, do it alone or arrange a group of your friends and do it together.

Make your #postboxselfie your Facebook profile picture and add the #postboxselfie profile frame.

Tag your friends and see who can get the best #postboxselfie!

If you didn’t take a selfie and check in on Facebook, did it even happen?

Where did #postboxselfie come from?

After the disappointment of the High Court decision and confirmation that the Marriage Equality survey will be proceeding, we realised that we needed to fight for our rights and fight with ideas and innovation.

We wanted to make sure that the younger generation, who are statistically the strongest “Yes” Supporters and the least likely to vote, have extra motivation to find a post box and vote yes. Knowing the younger generation like selfies, the #postboxselfie campaign was born.

After a quick brainstorming session in our local Officeworks and a frantic week, designing a website, Facebook page, logos, Facebook Frames, flyers and infographics, we’re ready to launch.

If just one vote moves from the recycling bin to the Post Box, the effort will have been worth it.

Learn more about #postboxselfie at, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tim Callow

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