Is LESGO the dating app the queer community have been waiting for?

A new dating app designed for the queer community has arrived, its called LESGO.

Launching just in time for the World Pride celebrations in Sydney the new LGBTQIA+ iPhone and Android app developed with gay guys, queer gals, trans pals & non-binary finery all at the forefront, is available from today.

The developers of LESGO, who are based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, say the app is set to revolutionise the way queer Aussies meet other gay, lesbian, bi, trans and gender nonconforming people online in their local area.

they say their platform has been developed specifically to empower queer people to find the right person, and arguably more importantly, the right type of connection that suits their lifestyle, faster and easier.

It’s designed to help you find whoever you are looking for, whether that’s a gay BFF to check out a new local bar, a hot date for this Friday night or even a bit of causal one-to-one fun for right now.

Nick Aldrich, a digital marketer turned software developer, created the app after being frustrated with the functionality and culture of the existing dating apps on the market.

“The current online queer networking landscape is broken.” Aldrich said.  “For gay men, the predominant gay networking app doesn’t have any ‘matching’ criteria,
rather any user can ‘shoot their shot’ and chat to any user.

“This is fine in theory, though in actuality has caused an immense cultural problem in the way queer men interact and speak to each other online. An innocent ‘hi’ can – and often is
– met with sizest, racist and even internal-homophobia type ‘shut down’ replies.

“The toxic culture of Australia’s current online gay networking landscape creates an array of mental health issues (depression, self-worth issues, body dysmorphia and more) for so
many queer Australians, and with LESGO, we’re going to change that.

“For the Lesbian/WLW (Women [who] Love Women) community, the general consensus is that ‘good’ online queer networking for women largely just doesn’t exist – there’s an
afterthought of the WLW community on bigger, well-known platforms, but nothing more than an afterthought.

“And for the Trans community, it seems as though the big dating apps have thrown pronouns on to their apps and basically called it a day.

“LESGO is how we plan to change all of that.”

In an effort to curve this, LESGO has been developed to ensure users only ever speak to other users who have already shown mutual interest in each other. This in turn eliminates
the ‘in your face’ rejection that often occurs on other gay networking apps.

The LESGO app also allows users to choose what they’re ‘looking for’ from the outset (Friends, Dates or ‘Right Now Fun’) to speed up the time required to find that exact person
looking for the same thing as you.

The developers say the phrase “what are you looking for?” has well and truly been cancelled on their platform.

LESGO’s goal is to get users meeting in real life and off the app as fast as possible, offering an array of filters to cut down ‘swiping’ time exponentially, from the standard physical filters
like height, to filters around when other users are looking to meet (‘today’ or ‘another time’), even allowing people to (optionally) add sexual preferences and filter accordingly, as well
as so much more.

In addition, the innovative app allows users to have their accounts verified to put an end to catfishes on gay networking sites – all in an effort to make LESGO the safest app in the
online LGBTQIA+ space.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. 

OIP Staff, source: Media Release

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