Jake Shears returns with new single ‘Too Much Music’

Jake Shears

Jake Shears is back with what will be the opening track from his second  solo album. The new track is called Too Much Music and it’s the first sample of the Scissor Sister’s front man’s new album Last Man Dancing. 

Too Much Music follows Do the Television which was released back in 2021, it’s included on the new album, but Meltdown his single from 2020 is not on the track listing.

Shears self-titled debut solo album came out in 2018, he previously released four albums of material with Scissor Sisters.

The album has been recorded in the USA, Portugal and London. Shears relocated to London from his home of New Orleans during the pandemic. The album will feature regular collaborator Kylie Minogue as well as contributions from Big Freedia and Amber Martin. Rocker Iggy Pop also makes an appearance on the record, as well as Hollywood legend Jane Fonda.

Jake Shears as described his new album as the ultimate house party.

“Last Man Dancing is my ultimate house party. Presented in two distinct halves, it chronicles a night’s journey from sing-along dance anthems into the deeper, darker corners of my living room.

Electro-pop, tech-house, poppers-fueled disco, it’s MY afters and YOU just got the address. We can be as loud and late as we want… and while not everyone might make it to the end, it’s the last ones dancing who are rewarded with the most magical moments of the evening.” Shears said of the upcoming album.

Take a look at the video and check out the artwork and track listing for the new record below. 

Jake Shears

Last Man Dancing Tracklist

  1. Too Much Music
  2. Do the Television
  3. Voices featuring (ft Kylie Minogue)
  4. I Used to be in Love
  5. Really Big Deal
  6. Last Man Dancing
  7. 8 Ball (ft Le Chev)
  8. Devil Came Down to the Dancefloor (ft Amber Martin)
  9. Mess of Me
  10. Doses (ft Big Freedia)
  11. Radio Eyes
  12. Diamonds Don’t Burn

The album is scheduled to be released on 2 June 2023. 

OIP Staff, image Damon Baker.

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